Monday, June 27, 2022

Japan Pop Show

 Hello everyone and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  My weekend with the family was amazing.  The Japan Pop Show (Comic con) was just fantastic.  

It didn't start off very well as 1 min into our journey, just as we left the house I spilt my coffee all over myself.  I hadn't put the lid on my to go cup properly.  So a quick dash back to the house and a change of clothes later we were off again.  We stayed overnight in a beautiful town called Quintin as we went in our camper van.  We decided to make it a little holiday.  There are fantastic palaces for you to stay in your camper which are completely free in France.  We were also able to top up the water and empty our waste.

So onto Sunday.  We arrived at the venue and my daughter finished getting ready.  As we pre booked the tickets we were only in the queue for a few moments as our bags had to be searched.

We had a slow walk around first just to see what and when everything was happening.  My daughter also managed to meet up with some of her Cosplayer friends.

I was like a kid again, it was wonderful especially seeing the Star Wars cosplayer group, Alliance Imperiale.  

My daughter is also a huge Just Dance fan and Dina the Just Dance champion of France was also there.  So my daughter spent a while dancing along and also manage to get herself on stage to join Dina.  My daughter picked an extreme dance and did amazing.  She wasn't far off Dina's score.

We then managed to grab a photo and a chat with Dina which was just fabulous.

Before we left there was just time for one last photo with the fabulous Captain Marvel who to my surprise spoke in English to me.  I did mange to tell her that Captain Marvel was my favourite character in the MCU.  I was then told that it was great to see me supporting my daughter.

I had a wonderful day with my daughter and do feel super proud of her,  These events aren't everyone's cup of tea as my husband was a little bored and my son was a little bit to young, but I am so pleased that my daughter has discovered cosplaying and that she can express herself.

I didn't expect to write so much but I just wanted to share with you our day.

The next big event is in October which is Geek Days at Brest so I can already feel my wallet getting lighter and my daughter asking for another costume.

Thanks for stopping by, May The Force Be With you and have a Plus Ultra day.

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