Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Crafting Just For Fun


Hello everyone.

So sorry that I have not been posting lately we have been without the internet.  This has made it impossible to post any projects to my blog as I find it so difficult to use my phone, must be my age.  But time away from the internet has given me time to think and made me realise that I was spending way too much time crafting, blogging and making sure I was all up to date with current products etc.

These last four years as a demo have been tough.  I was so reliant on the handful of customers to make my business work that I started to worry about them not buying from me when covid happened and other everyday life just getting in the way.  It just seemed to take the fun out of my hobby. 

Family life is just far more important than wondering if I am going to make my target this quarter.  Due to all the lockdowns with covid my children have also suffered greatly and as a result my little boy is having a tough time at school.  I won’t go into details as its all on going at the moment but he has some great teachers and other school workers to support him and of course us, his family.  It will take time to find his path but I am sure he will get there.

Also after losing both parents time is just too precious to be chasing targets that are impossible to reach for me.  For me personally it was stressful and I have spent a lot of money and time to get where I am.  I now find the choice of stamps and other products I have is huge but I can only work with a handful of them as most are retired and I can’t remember the last time I picked up another brands product to use.  I will still continue to use Stampin Up as their products are amazing.  The quality and the service are just outstanding.

So I have made the decision just to craft for fun now and blog when the crafty mojo hits, not worry that I must post Monday and Wednesday with my stampin up projects to try and get sales which just hasn’t worked for me.  I will continue to be a demo until I drop and you can still order from me but there just won’t be the regular posts.  I will just blog when I want to.

I just want to thank you for all your support and for checking out my projects on the blog and my other social media platforms.  I am still here but just for fun now.

My time as demo has been an experience and I have met some really lovely people in the online world, so I want to thank them to for all their support and friendships. 

So I just need to find my crafty mojo again and some internet.  I will be around on a Friday as I love to create with the Daring Cardmakers Team. 

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