Sunday, August 19, 2012

Spellbinders Rose Creations

Here it is my first tutorial on how I make my little roses using Spellbinders Rose Creation die.  I sometimes sit whilst watching the TV just making these little flowers using scraps of card.

Step one: Using your die cutting machine cut out 4 flower shapes.

Step two: To make the centre.

Take two of your flowers and using the end of a ball tool or something with a flat bottom push it into the centre of your flower.  This will make the petals stand up.

Then take each petal and cup them.


Next take one of the flowers and glue the opposite petals together.

Then glue all the other petals to this to make your centre bud.

Now glue your bud into the centre of the other flower, like this:


and glue all the petals to the bud.

Step three: To make the outer petals.

Take the last two flowers and again push down the centres to make the petals stand up.  Then take a cocktail stick and curl the top edgesof the petals over.


Turn your petal over and using your ball tool or something similar cup each petal around it.

Take your bud and glue into the centre.  Put a dot of glue on each petal and push the petals up in place around the bud.

Then glue your last flower into place around what you have just done.

And here it is your finished flower:


  1. Wow! Thank you for this tut! Fabulous, had not thought of doing that xxx

  2. Thank you for this very easy to follow tutorial.... Im off now to make some roses lol...xx

  3. Gorgeous flowers Dawn and fab tutorial - thank you


  4. terrific tutotial , thanks so much for sharing x

  5. Gorgeous flowers,thanks for the

  6. Thank you so much for the tutorial these roses are stunning. I will definitely having a go of this when I get some me time.

    Linda xxx

  7. fabulous tutorial - thanks for sharing

  8. Great tutorial, my die just sits there a bit neglected. I've seen tutorials for it before, but I'm going to bookmark yours so that I can come back to it. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Judith xx

  9. Wow, these roses are gorgeous! Thank you for the great tutorial!