Monday, December 3, 2012


Well I have been baking again.  I was asked by the school to make some cupcakes for the Christmas fair, so I had a little practice today.  Hope the children will like them.

I have used marshmallows for the snowman's face, with chocolate chips. for the eye and piping icing for the mouth and nose.  I have then added a sugar lace for the scarf.

The cupcakes themselves are just a basic vanilla sponge and I have added some chocolate chips.

I will show them to my daughter when she arrives home from school, I think she will like the look of them but she is really funny when it comes to mum's cupcakes, she would rather eat a shop bought one, lol!!!


  1. Just tell your daughter that if she doesn't want them there is a huge queue of peep waiting, I think they are great. xx Flora

  2. These are really sweet. Love them!
    Michaela xx

  3. These are fabulous. Caroline xxx