Friday, July 5, 2013

Last Day of School

Its my daughter's last day of school.  I am really excited for the holidays to begin and for my little girl to have a rest.  We are off on our family holiday soon then I am taking my daughter to visit family and friends in England whilst I learn to drive.  My poor husband is staying at home as he has a big building project on.  We have just received planning to go ahead with his office/shed.  So my garden is a bit of state at the moment.

So anyway to celebrate the last day of term I have made some little cupcakes for my daughters school.

I am trying to teach myself so these are meant to be little school books. I hope you can see past all the icing sugar as I wasn't sure what to use to get it all off.

These ones are chocolate chip but I did make a healthier option which is carrot and apple.

Well I had better go as I can here my husband digging and I better go and help!! 
Have a lovely weekend!!!

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