Monday, April 30, 2012

The Royal 3rd Birthday Party

Our daughters 3rd birthday came and went so fast but she has a really fab party and loved getting all her princess presents.  Just thought I would share a few photos of her Royal Birthday Party.

Sorry if these two photos are a little rubbish.  I was in such a rush to take them as little hands where eyeing up all the sweet treats.

The birthday cake was my 4th attempt after each cake got stuck in the cake pans.  Then I finally got this one out,  left it on the counter top and my daughter took a bite out of it.  Thank goodness for butter cream frosting.  I just smoothered it and it tasted good but not very pretty, my daughter didn't seem to mind


  1. Oh this looks fab, fit for a fairy princess! I bet she thought it was magical =)I think the cake looked great.
    Lindsay xx

  2. Thank you for sharing I bet she was delighted with all the princess items. What a magical day she must have had.

    Linda xxx